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Design your personal sporting apparel
in professional quality

owayo manufactures its own sporting apparel in order to provide our customers with the best customization experience possible. Create your own kit by choosing the design, colors, inscriptions, and features. Make your designs how you want at the click of a button with our 3D Kit Designer.

Creating your own jerseys - From Start to Finish

Create your own jersey - in just three easy steps.

  • Select your desired product and open our 3D Kit Designer.
  • Pick between nearly limitless design possibilities and over 50 standard colors, plus more.
  • Add your own logos, text and sponsors in the 3D Designer. You choose where to place them.

Print your own Jerseys

Don't want to buy pre-made jerseys off the shelf? We create and print jerseys to your liking. Don't settle for ready-made jerseys. Design and create your own from scratch!

Designing Jerseys? - A How-To Guide

With our streamlined ordering process, getting your own custom kit is a breeze: First you choose the sport, then you pick a product and enter the 3D Designer. Then you pick the design template and colors. With us, you have the choice between a multitude of design layouts and colors. Lettering, inscription, numbers, name, sponsors and logos are all included within the price and can be placed anywhere.

The owayo Promise

We want you to be 100% happy with your self designed jerseys. We are by your side every step of the way. For any questions, we are waiting to help either by phone, email or through our 3D Designer. For special outside-the-box ideas, our design team is ready to help discuss these.

The owayo ordering process

Create and customize your sportswear easily with our 3D Kit Designer, where you can save and easily access your drafts. While designing, request samples to get the sizes you need. Once you know your sizes, place the draft in the shopping basket. We'll then take a careful look at the design to check the logo quality and graphic placement. Once finished, we will email you a summary of your order by email to confirm for production. Depending on the time of year, production takes 2 to 5 weeks. With a little bit of patience, your sportswear will be with you before you know it.

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