BIKE Junior Team

BIKE Junior Team Cycling

The success story of the junior team begins in 2010 in cooperation with the trade magazine "BIKE". The BIKE Junior Team started with the German Champion and Vice Champion title in the U17 and the U15 European Championship victory. There were further national and international successes and titles in the various age groups of both genders. The Bike Junior Team is working closely with the pros of Team BULLS to promote the young talents that ex-Transalp winner Christoph Listmann and professional trainer Erik Becker had worked to achieve in 2003. The very young team has benefitted greatly from their experience. In addition to know-how and competitive strength, the cooperation offers the most ambitious riders support on their way to becoming an elite athletes. With the slogan "Ride clean!", the team takes a clear stance against doping and helps out with talent promotion.
We interviewed the team captain Bernd Siegel.





Sporting achievements

Sporting achievements
in different age groups:

Dennis Krimmel German Champion U17

Elias Hückmann German Vice Champion U15, Vice European Champion

How often do you train and what does your training look like?

The cyclists train separately in their home clubs. Starting with the U15s there are already 4-5 training sessions per week on the program. In addition to endurance sessions, specific technique sessions are also very important.

Does your team have certain rituals?

We all train in our individual clubs and then meet for the national league races. These are scattered all over Germany. First, we always set up our team arena. There we spend the time between the races. Also the race preparation on the bike rollers takes place there. Normally here the teammates cheer the rider on again shortly before the start and wish them good luck.

How do you motivate yourselves before a race?

The body is prepared for the exertion by warming up on the bike rollers. A short all out on the rollers. The tactics for the race are then discussed with the coach and then we are able to go fully focused to the starting line. Every rider needs and gets a hearty clap and a hearty shout from his teammates.

How do you celebrate after a win?

There's always time for an ice-cream, suitable for all ages :-)

What does owayo mean to you?

Hail, rain or shine we are always on our bikes - and thanks to owayo clothing we are always well equipped. We have never had such well-functioning clothing. It makes it much easier for us to start training even in adverse conditions.

What do you appreciate about your jerseys?

Great design and super functionality. The jerseys and jackets fit well and are very durable.
The pants also fit very well. The material of the long pants is super - we have the perfect material for every temperature. It is impressive that the colors do not fade even with daily washing.