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The EWE Baskets is one to the top basketball clubs to play in the Basketball Bundesliga (Germnan national basketball league), the highest club-level competition in Germany, and they are most successful club in Germany's North West. This means that the club generates a lot of enthusiasm in the region; the large EWE Arena is always almost sold out (6,200 fans). We conducted the interview with Max DiLeo.



1954 (Oldenburger TB)
Since 2001 EWE Baskets Oldenburg

BBL (Basketball-Bundesliga) German Basketball League

Sporting achievements

Sporting achievements
Championship Winners

German Cup Winners

Vice champion
2013 and 2017

How often do you train, and what are your trainings like?

We train five days a week, plus we have a game day. Two days a week we have two training sessions. So all in all, we have seven sessions a week plus one game, and the day after the game is usually free. I arrive 45 minutes before practice and do warm-ups and stretching. That usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. After that, I go out on the court and throw myself in the training. Ten minutes before practice starts, the coaches arrive and sometimes I work one-to-one with a coach. When we start the training session, we first work with our athletic Ccach Alvaro de Pedro. This is a kind of warm-up, where we lift weights or play catch.
Then our Head Coach Pedro Calles takes over. We usually play through systems or plays first. This is often done without opponents, because the goal is to internalize the systems. As the training progresses, it continues with more contact, intensity and opponents.

Does your team have specific rituals?

Before a game or even before a training session I always choose five spots at the three-point line during warm-ups; at each spot, I have to get five 3-pointers in a row before I go on to the next spot.
As a team, you always get together in the huddle before the game and motivate each other. That's when we energize each other, tell each other what we want to focus on and things that represent our team culture.
In the course of the season, things like handshakes etc. usually develop.

How do you celebrate after a win?

We have only had the opportunity to travel together as a team for a few days. It was cool to eat together and have fun. Otherwise, we're only in the preparation phase, so we haven't been able to celebrate any "real" victories together yet. It's definitely fun with the guys!

What does owayo mean to you?

I think that all of us; team, employees, partners, sponsors and fans, have to mesh together like cogs in order to work perfectly together. owayo also plays an important role in this, because we often train, play or travel in these clothes. When you feel comfortable, it helps to focus on the other areas.

What do you appreciate about your jerseys?

I like the jerseys. It's the first time I wear a yellow jersey and I like the stripes on the jersey. With these jerseys, I wear one size smaller than I normally do and it's perfect. They are light and thin, they don't hinder me on the field and as a player that is the most important requirement. You don't want a jersey that is too big or gets heavy when you sweat.
This is my first time wearing owayo, so I was already questioning what it will be like, but I must say that I am very impressed with our teamwear and especially with the jersey!