Fabian Costa

Fabian Costa MTB Cross Country

When talking to Fabian, you can't help noticing that the young Austrian is passionate about his sport. He raves about the independence he feels when mountain biking and the chance to reach places inaccessible on foot or by car. He loves competitions just as much. In mountain biking cross country events, he battles for 90 minutes with an average pulse rate of 180 beats per minute on every descent. He has set his focus on and is investing all his passion in his next big project: an MTB solo career.



1994 in Haiming, Austria

MTB Cross Country

Fabian, can you briefly tell us how you got into cycling:

I grew up with 2 brothers in a very sporty family in the heart of the Alps. In winter, we would ski and summer days were spent out on our bikes. At the age of 8, I took part in my first race. After just a few attempts, I managed to win my first regional race; from that time on, mountain biking had me under its spell.

What are your goals? In sport and in life?

In the autumn, I started to study law at Innsbruck University because I also needed an intellectual challenge in addition to cycling or a distraction from sport. One of my goals away from sport is to complete my studies. As far as my short-term sporting goals are concerned, I would like to take part in international competitions again, such as the European and World Championships, and win a gold medal in the National Championships as well as to be in the top three, overall, in the national series of races. In the longer term, the Olympics would obviously be an absolute dream!

What were the greatest achievements for you personally?

In the 2015 season, definitely coming 2nd place in the Austrian Championships! I'd had a hard time and coming second showed that I was back. I also came 3rd in the Austrian Championships in the XCE eliminator.

Where do you like to cycle most?

Obviously at home, in the 'Ötztal'!

What do you like to do when you're not on your bike?

I've started to learn to cook and I also bake now and then! I'm a keen coffee drinker and obviously like to make my own cappuccino as well.

What does owayo mean to you?

To me, owayo means innovative design and top quality!

What is/are your favorite product(s) from owayo and why?

My favorite product is the wind jacket! It's extremely light and easily fits into my jersey pocket. It also keeps me warm.