Niners Chemnitz

Niners Chemnitz Basketball

The Chemnitz Niners (officially BV Chemnitz 99) is a german basketball team, who joined the 2nd German league ProA in 2006. Their legacy includes three playoff appearances in the last ten years. In the spring of 2017, they made it to the playoff semi finals. The Niners play in the Chemnitz Arena and their large fan base fill up the seats. Since the summer of 2015, owayo is their official provider of sportswear. The interview has led by team captain Michael Fleischmann. Since 2010 he has played with different basketball team in the ProA league. Since 2016 he has been playing with the Niners as a power forward. In the 2016 season, he was the best 3 point shooter in his team.




2nd German league ProA

Sporting achievements

Sporting achievements

How often do you train and how does a training appear?

We train 2 times everyday. The focus is on strength and explosiveness.

Does your team have a pre-game ritual or routine?

Currently, we have no team rituals. Maybe we'll develope some.

How do you get motivated before a big game?

Everyone has their own ritual. Most listen to music to get them fired up.

How do you celebrate a victory?

After winning, we often go celebrate. You meet up with the guys and have a good time.

What does owayo mean to you?

High quality and great comfort wear

What do you appreciate on owayo jerseys?

The freedom to bring your own ideas to the design. The quality convinces after long term wearing.