The perfect gift for athletes: original and creative jerseys

Give someone a custom jersey

creative jerseys as a gift for athletes

Are you looking for an original gift for an athletic friend? Well you've come to the right place. A self-designed, custom jersey is a heart-warming gift that will last for years. Get inspired to create with ideas from this article and make a custom jersey for a basketball, running, soccer, or hockey enthusiast in your life.

A few thoughts in advance

To start off, first think about how the jersey should be designed. The following points will help you:

  • For which occasion is the gift for? Is the person receiving the jersey about to take part in an important sporting event, such as their first marathon? Then a motivating saying fits perfectly. At the end of the season, every athlete wants to receive praise for his performance.
  • - What is your relationship with the recipient? Whether you'd like to incorporate humor depends on the individual. Want a funny graphic or ironic saying on the sportswear? Be sure the recipient gets the joke. If you're unsure of their reaction, it's best to go without the tongue and cheek text.
  • Will the jersey be worn while they train? Then make sure it isn't embarrassing for the wearer.
  • Does the recipient have a role model or favorite athlete? Search the internet for a suitable quote and add it to the design. You'll find what you're looking for in sports forums, in collections of quotations or at Pinterest. Ideally, it should be a slogan your sport friend can identify with.
  • What colors should you use? Use the colors of their favorite athlete, team or club.

Need inspiration? You can find jerseys designs of past customers on Pintrest, including cycling jersey designs.

A gift for your trainer

He orchestrates training plans, draws up inspiring plays and cheers for you in matches: A coach works hard for his team's success. Give him a big "thank you" for his hard work!


Occasions to say "Thank you" to your coach

There are plenty of occasions to celebrate your coach and give him a personalized gift, for example:

  • when the season ends
  • after an important win
  • as a thank you once the training season ends
  • for long-term membership of the club
  • before retirement
  • for Christmas
  • for his birthday
  • on his wedding
  • for the birth or baptism of their first child

The right jersey for your trainer: design ideas

You have numerous options when it comes to designing your jersey. Choose your club colors or your coach's favorite colors. Have your club logo or a graphic printed and personalize the jersey with an inscription.

Does your coach have a phrase he likes to say over and over? Or how about a list of team members on the jersey?

A personalized jersey as a gift for trainers

A gift for teammates or friends

Does a teammate have a birthday coming, is a family member taking part in their first triatholon or has a niece beat her personal best in the marathon?

For cyclists

Occasions to gift a self-designed cycling jersey:

  • for a cycling vacation
  • for a cycling marathon
  • or a triathlon
  • for the start of the Tour de France
  • for non-sporting occasions like birthdays/christmas/father's day/mother's day/...

Idea: How about a jersey that is designed to match your bike? In our 3D Designer, you're sure to find matching colors!

Custom cycling jersey Cycleholic as gift
Cycling jerseys from owayo

Motivating and funny sayings for a cycling jersey:

  • Give it your all. Just never give up!
  • Shut up legs!
  • A head wind shapes the character.
  • Who brakes later, is faster longer.
  • "Second place is the first looser!" (Dale Earnhardt)
  • "Quality comes from suffering." (Felix Magath)

Idea: Does the recipient have a favorite cycling team or admire the cycling legend like Lance Armstrong? Then he'd love to receive a similar jersey!

For Runners

Give someone special a self-designed jersey:

  • for their first marathon
  • for their first triathlon
  • for non-sporting occasions like a birthday/christmas/fathers day/mothers day/...

original jersey for runners
A jersey as a gift for runners

Quotes and sayings for runners:

  • "If you want to move the world, you should move yourself first." (Socrates)
  • "Pain is weakness leaving the body." (US Navy saying)
  • "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step." (Laozi)
  • "Only those who know their destination will find their way." (Laozi)
  • No Pain, no gain.
  • While you were sleeping, I was already training.
  • Eat. Sleep. Train.

Design of the Day – marathon jersey
Original jersey for a marathon - designed by one of our customers.

Idea: which running events has he or she already participated in? Which successes has he or she already celebrated? List event names and dates on the back of the jersey!

For soccer fans

Give a self-designed jersey as a present for:

  • an important win
  • a player leaving the team
  • non-sporting occasions like birthday/christmas/fathers day/mothers day/...

creative soccer jersey
The soccer monsters are on the loose: an original soccer jersey designed by an owayo customer
Soccer jersey custom designed.
Another original soccer jersey from one of our customers.

Tip: Discover quotes and sayings from well-known soccer players and coaches from Lothar Matthäus to Felix Magath

For Handball players

Give someone a self-designed jersey:

  • after an important win
  • to a player leaving the team
  • for non-sporting occasions like birthdays/christmas/fathers day/mothers day/...

Design your own handball jersey with owayo
In the 3D Designer, you can not only choose the jersey colors but also add text.

Sayings for a handball jersey:

  • Born to play handball
  • Most play basketball, only the best play hand ball.
  • If handball were easy, it would be basketball!
  • He who stops getting better, stopped being good.
  • You have a stuffed animal in bed, I have my handball!
  • If soccer is like samba, handball is like pogo.
  • Only handball is more difficult than Chuck Norris.

For Basketball Players

Give someone a self-designed jersey:

  • for winning a tournament
  • after an important win
  • to say goodbye to a player
  • for non-sporting occasions like birthday/christmas/fathers day/mothers day/...

Sleep, eat, hoop, repeat.
Sleep, eat, hoop, repeat.

Quotes for basketball players:

  • "Good, better, best. Never give up until your good is better and your better is best." (Tim Duncan)
  • "Always turn a negative situation into a positive one." (Michael Jordan)
  • „Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.“ (Bobby Unser)
  • „Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.“ (Michael Jordan)
  • „Sports do not build character. They reveal it.“ (Heywood Broun)

Basketball jersey with Michael Jordan motivational slogan
Motivating sayings and quotes are popular with athletes.

Saying for basketball players:

  • Eat, sleep, play
  • Score!
  • I believe I can fly
  • Eat, sleep, hoop, repeat

original basketball jersey as a gift for athletes
Score! That's what every basketball player is thinking of.

For Hockey Players

Give someone a self-designed jersey:

  • at the end of the season
  • after an important victory
  • to celebrate a player leaving
  • for non-sporting occasions like birthday/christmas/fathers day/mothers day/...

Self-designed hockey jersey from owayo customers.
An original hockey jersey from our customers.

Sayings for hockey players:

  • The emperor plays soccer, but God plays hockey.
  • Ice hockey - not for the weak.
  • Trust me, I’m a goalie!
  • Eat, sleep, play hockey.
  • Give blood. Play hockey.
  • „It’s a great day for hockey.“ (Bob Johnson)

Custom design hockey jersey
Trust me; I'm a goalie.

Even more ideas for custom sportswear

Colors, designs, slogans... there are plenty of ways to create a unique jersey. If you need a few more suggestions, see our instagram page where we regularly publish photos of our customers' designs.

Here's a small sample:

For more ideas and design inspiration, see our Instagram Page.

How to design your jersey in just 4 steps

With our 3D Designer you can indvidually customize your sportwear – in just 4 Steps.

1. Just pick your sport: Soccer | Handball | Basketball | Ice hockey | Cycling | Running | eSports
2. Choose the product (long sleeve or short sleeve)
3. Choose design and colors
4. Add your logos, coat of arms, inscriptions and team crests

owayo designer for jerseys
Create your own design in the owayo 3D designer!

Need help with your design or want a special color? We'd be happy to help. Just click on the button "help".

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By the way: If you have a very unique design in mind, we're happy to help you build it – for that you can use our special design service.

We wish you the best designing!