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Gerald Bauer Cycling

After chatting with Gerald about his leisure activities, you start to wonder if there are any sports this man doesn't do. In addition to all types of winter sports, cycling has become an integral part in his life. He takes a bit further however by challenging himself and his body to the extreme competing in events that are truly unthinkable….



1980 in Salzburg


Sporting achievements

Sporting achievements
Record holder for the Transaustria (crosses Austria from west to east)

2nd place in the Race Around Austria

Race Across America finisher 2013

Countless podium positions in 24-hour MTB and road bike races

Can you briefly tell us how you got into cycling:

There's a saying that expresses it so well: "Out of necessity, a virtue was made". I didn't own a car or motorbike until I was 32 – instead, I always had a road bike. Even in my early teenage years, my father and I embarked on very long trips (>150 km). When my friends and I planed holidays they always went by car, bus or train, and I always got on my bike and met up with them at our final destination. At University I traveled 200 km in each direction twice a week... I lived this for over 10 years – merely fascinated by what you are capable of achieving through your own muscle and dedication – I had never considered competing – not really too sure why it took me so long (lol). This intrinsic motivation is what makes it happen for me today however.

What are your goals? In sport and in life?

In sport - the Race Across America in under 9 day - the New York Marathon in under 2 hours 40 minutes. ;-) In life - to be a good father, role model and, above all, friend to my little daughter, Clara Marie (23.03.2015).

Where do you like to cycle most?

Salzburger Land and East Tyrol.

What do you like to do when you're not on your bike?

That's easy (EVERY spare minute!!!): spending time with my daughter.

What does owayo mean to you?

Functionality, reliability, expertise, friendship and "one less worry" - my gear is always on the spot – ready when I need it – and easy to order at any time.

What is/are your favorite product(s) from owayo and why?

There are a few, but all PRO-CUT cycling products are great (particularly the shorts with the endurance pad). As well as the wind jackets and wind vests that are compact, highly functional and incredibly comfortable to wear!!!

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