Cycling Arm Warmers


A variety of sizes are available to meet your needs. You can have a mixture of sizes within your order at no extra cost. To best determine your size, please use the chart below or request to view a sample.
About Sizing
Each custom clothing manufacturer makes their clothing in a size that they believe will satisfy the majority of people; thus, every manufacturer has different sizing. owayo custom sports wear is sized to fit like our own exclusive sports wear. We do not claim, nor intend, to fit like another manufacturer. Please allow time to try on our samples; click here to request a sample. owayo custom sports clothing is NOT returnable on the basis of incorrect sizing. It is therefore extremely important that you order the correct sizes. The only way to be 100% sure you are getting the right size for YOU is to try on an actual owayo sample. You can request any item you want to check out, or try on. As long as the samples are returned, you pay only for the return shipping.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact our service team.
Body measurements - inches

owayo sizeheight (in)bicep circum. (D)arm length (C) inches
XS 65-68'' 11-12'' 24-25''
S 68-71'' 12-13'' 25-26''
M 71-74'' 13-14'' 26-27''
L 74-77'' 14-15'' 27-28''
XL 74-77'' 15-16'' 27-28''

Minor tolerations (+/-2%) might occur due to production variations.
Determining size from your body measurements:
With a tape measure you can take measurements of your bicep circumference, and arm length to determine which size in our table would best suit you. The Bicep circumference is the widest portion of your upper arm. The arm length is the distance between shoulder and the end of your forearm bone at the wrist. To make this measurement, the tape measure should run over your elbow with your arm bent to 90 degrees.

Our service team will be happy to assist you with any questions should this be unclear.
Limited return policy on bespoke products
All owayo products are manufactured bespoke, to the customers exact specifications. Unlike other standard trade and commerce, our products cannot be resold to further parties. Therefore, bespoke products have a limited return policy, due to their nature of purpose.
Important parameters to observe: Please inform yourself as best possible about our sizing and which best suits your party. The best solution and course of action, is to receive a sample prior to order for fitting and inspection.
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Cycling Arm Warmers Sizes  I wear a size L with the manufacturer XYZ. What size should I order at owayo?
Unfortunately sizes like S, M, L are not universal and can differ significantly from brand to brand.
Manufacturers from Italy or Spain generally make smaller cuts than the other European brands.

Fashion also is a factor since every designer has the freedom to cut a shirt looser or slimmer.

Please refer to the chart above to find the best size for you. If you want to make sure to order the right size, we will be glad to send you sample jerseys for fitting.

Cycling Arm Warmers Sizes  Can I also order irregular (e.g. 4XL) sizes?
Irregular sizes are also possible. Please contact us via email or telephone for exact details.
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