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Available in over 50 colors.
Printed logos and text.

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    per jersey
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    • Free Choice of Colors
      Designs and texts can be in any color combination desired. The price does not change with the number of colors in your design.
      owayo Color Palette
      The owayo color palette includes over 30 shades. Additionally, we can also print any specially defined colors to match to your corporate or club guidelines.
      Color Sample on Fabric
      Please keep in mind, that colors displayed on your monitor do not always accurately reflect how they will look on actual fabric. Depending on the various settings, they can vary slightly or greatly.
      To avoid misinterpretation, we will gladly send you a free color sample on fabric for you to examine. This will then allow you to confirm the final result. Fabric color swatch

      owayo colors
      C000 ivory
      C001 sun
      C002 lemon
      C003 gold
      C004 old gold
      C100 peach
      C101 orange
      C102 warm red
      C103 fire
      C104 bordeaux
      C106 rust
      C200 baby
      C201 sky
      C202 caribbean
      C203 bavaria
      C204 ocean
      C205 navy
      C206 steel blue
      C207 night blue
      C300 poison
      C301 eye
      C302 grass
      C303 army
      C304 forest
      C305 fog green
      C306 tank green
      C309 apple
      C400 piggy
      C401 rubin
      C402 purple
      C403 lila
      C404 rose
      C500 light turquoise
      C501 blue turquoise
      C503 dark turquoise
      C600 light khaki
      C601 dark khaki
      C700 sand brown
      C701 earth brown
      C702 wood brown
      C800 white
      C801 light gray
      C802 gray
      C803 dark gray
      C804 black

    • All Inclusive
      Your team kit can have multiple logos with mulitple colors, all included in the one price.
      The price does not vary with the number of logos or colors on it.
      No Glue, No Iron-Ons
      The texts and lettering are integrated directly into the material in one step; no glueing, sewing, or heat application is done afterwards. This allows the fabric to maintain its' superior characteristics: flexibility, light-weight, breathability, softness, and ability to transfer moisture.
      Send us Your Logos
      Simply send us your logos via email or on a CD. Our graphic artists can work with most formats, however those in 'vector curves' are the best to work with. These usually end in: .pdf, .ai, .cdr, .eps
      High resolution pixel graphics can also be used, usually ending in: .jpg, .gif, .psd, .tif, .bmp
      Here are a few examples. Please click on logo to see larger version.
      Soccer F5 Pro Jerseys Logos Soccer F5 Pro Jerseys Logos Soccer F5 Pro Jerseys Logos Soccer F5 Pro Jerseys Logos Soccer F5 Pro Jerseys Logos

    • Base Price and Features
      The base price per shirt includes:
      • - free choice of colour and design
      • - inscriptions (player number, team name, player name, etc.)
      • - multicoloured logos; team, sponsors, corporations
      • - game quality (fabric: K-Tex, shortsleeve, v-neck)
      Additional features are also available. Please see our price list for details.Items sold by owayo, Inc. and shipped to destinations in the State of Illinois are subject to 9.25% sales tax.

      Base Price F5 Pro Jerseys
      unit price for 1 piece$142.00
      unit price for 2 pieces$99.00
      unit price for 3 pieces$80.00
      unit price for 5 pieces$69.00
      unit price for 10 pieces$57.00
      unit price for 20 pieces$54.00
      unit price for 50 pieces$50.00
      unit price for 100 pieces$45.00




      Base prices for reorders
      unit price for 1 piece$93.00
      unit price for 2 pieces$75.00
      unit price for 3 pieces$69.00
      unit price for 5 pieces$64.20
      unit price for 10 pieces$57.00
      unit price for 20 pieces$54.00
      unit price for 50 pieces$50.00
      unit price for 100 pieces$45.00

      Flat Rates
      priority shipping (1-2 days) - per parcel$20.00
      economy shipping (3-4 days) - per parcel$10.00
      special design fee*$180.00
      logo reproduction fee (our graphic artist to digitally remake a logo)**$50.00

      Discounts and Express Options
      owayo chest sponsoring (10'')up to -10 %
      express production upon available capacityat least 15 %

      * The custom design fee does not apply to the standard layouts in our kit desinger. Learn more about custom layouts.

      **The fee for logo reproduction applies only when logos of insufficient printing quality must be redrawn. This service is seldom necessary, however is available upon request.

      Download Price List
      Here you can download our complete price list in pdf-format.
      Simply click on your respective location:

      $ USA
      € Canada
      € Europe

      Accepted payment methods
      You can finish up the ordering process by making your payment with a credit card, using the payment link we will provide you with. You can additionally make payments(up to $2,000) using PayPal.
      Accepted Payment services:

      soccer shirts
      All texts and logos are included in base price
      Our base price includes free choice of design, colors, texts and logos. This enables a more transparent overview of what your order will cost despite having multiple inscriptions.
      Production for Small Orders, Even (1) One-off
      owayo can also manufacture small orders, complete with your logos, designs and colors. Small orders do have high fixed costs, yet are still possible even for just (1) one item.
      No minimum for each size
      You may mix different sizes within an order as needed. Even order a quantity of one (1) for a particular size carriers no extra costs. For example you may order 8 jerseys with the size L, 1 XL, and 1 M.
      Express Production
      Standard production is approximately 5-6 weeks. A faster turnaround may also be available for additional surcharges. Please ask for our current express production capacities.
      owayo Sponsoring
      Working with a tight budget? We can offer your team a sponsorship for putting our logo on your apparel. The sponsorship will be reflective of the size and location of our logo on your kit. We do reserve the right to choose who and where we make our sponsorships. Combining our sponsorship discounts is not possible. Only one per product type is allowed.
      Please note that all of our products have owayo manufacturing logos on them. These manufacturing logos are fixed components of the products and we do not extend any discount for their presence. These differ from the owayo sponsoring logos.
    • A variety of sizes are available to meet your needs. You can have a mixture of sizes within your order at no extra cost. To best determine your size, please use the chart below or request to view a sample.
      About Sizing
      Each custom clothing manufacturer makes their clothing in a size that they believe will satisfy the majority of people; thus, every manufacturer has different sizing. owayo custom sports wear is sized to fit like our own exclusive sports wear. We do not claim, nor intend, to fit like another manufacturer. Please allow time to try on our samples; click here to request a sample. owayo custom sports clothing is NOT returnable on the basis of incorrect sizing. It is therefore extremely important that you order the correct sizes. Our sizing chart is a great way to visualize our sizing patterns and compare measurements to previous sports wear you are familiar with, but the only way to be 100% sure you are getting the right size for YOU is to try on an actual owayo sample. You can request any item you want to check out, or try on. As long as the samples are returned, you pay only for the return shipping.

      Mens sizes - body measurements

      owayo sizechest-size men in incheschest-size men in cmsport
      2 32.3-34'' 82-86 XS
      3 34-35.4'' 86-90 S
      4 35.4-37'' 90-94 S
      5 37-38.6'' 94-98 M
      6 38.6-40.2'' 98-102 M
      7 40.2-41.7'' 102-106 L
      8 41.7-43.3'' 106-110 L
      9 43.3-45'' 110-114 XL
      10 45-46.5'' 114-118 XL
      11 46.5-48'' 118-122 XXL
      12 48-49.6'' 122-126 XXL
      13 49.6-51'' 126-130 3XL
      14 51-53'' 130-134 3XL
      15 53-54.3'' 134-138 4XL
      16 54.3-56'' 138-142 4XL

      Minor tolerations (+/-2%) might occur due to production variations.

      Special sizes are available upon request.

      Simply measure your chest circumference and find the best corresponding fit in our chart. The chest circumference is the maximum horizontal circumference at normal breathing. The tape measure should go around the shoulder blades, chest and under the arm-pits.

      Our service team is available should you have any questions.
      Limited return policy on bespoke products
      All owayo products are manufactured bespoke, to the customers exact specifications. Unlike other standard trade and commerce, our products cannot be resold to further parties. Therefore, bespoke products have a limited return policy, due to their nature of purpose.
      Important parameters to observe: Please inform yourself as best possible about our sizing and which best suits your party. The best solution and course of action, is to receive a sample prior to order for fitting and inspection.
    • Collars

      Choose from the following collar styles:

      soccer shirts V-Kragen

      This classic-styled collar can also have small inscriptions and logos added to it.
      The v-neck is made from the same material as the shirt and is available in every color.
      Surcharge: $0.00

      soccer shirts C-Kragen

      The classic round collar rests closer to the neck. As such, this collar ensures a closer fit around the shoulders. The round collar is made from the same material as the shirt and is available in any color.
      Surcharge: $0.00

      soccer shirts Polokragen

      The polo collar conveys the more noble and elegant look. Logos and inscriptions can be added on as well. The material is the same as the shirt and is available in any color.
      Surcharge: $3.00


      The following sleeves are available:

      soccer shirts Kurzarm

      All designs are available in a shortsleeve cut.
      Surcharge: $0.00

      soccer shirts Langarm

      Our longsleeve shirts are fitted with cuffs. All designs are available in longsleeves as well.
      Surcharge: $4.50


      Fabric Quality
      We trust only the highest acclaimed European suppliers. Nothing but premium materials are selected for our production. Our fabric selection is chosen to achieve optimal comfort and durability. Moisture is directed outwards to be evaporated quickly.

      The following fabrics are available for this product:

      soccer shirts K-Tex

      soccer shirts K-Tex

      - 100% polyester
      - robust and sturdy yet functional
      - breathable/wicking action, and Super Dry
      - comfortable fit and feel
      - most popular owayo material
      - weight: 180 g/m²
      Surcharge: $0.00

      Fabric Sample
      We will gladly send you a fabric sample to examine the look and feel of our material. We can also send a product sample for you to review.Click here to request samples.

The F5 Pro Soccer Jersey is our all-around winner. Thanks to its moisture-wicking, ultra.dry technology, the regular fitted F5 Pro stays cool and lies relaxed on the skin.
Product Details
Moisture Wicking ultra.dry Technology
Round Collar | V-Neck | Polo Collar
Short Sleeve | Long Sleeve

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