owayo running singlets are 100% custom. You create the design to your own specifications. Each team, club, school or company can now make a running singlet to reflect their individual style and look. owayo singlets have a sporty fit, with an athletic body contour. The quality of our singlets meet the highest demands and standards.
Start with any of our 35 design templates to use as a general layout. These jersey designs can be made with any color combinations, fonts, and logos. You can also create your very own vest design from scratch.

Your drafts in the 2D Kit Designer
If you have saved drafts in our 2D kit designer which you'd like to continue working on, please click the following link: OUR 2D KIT DESIGNER


At owayo you get professional quality at a competetive price. Our prices include all logos, texts, names, colors, and designs in the kit designer.
All texts and logos are printed directly into the fabric. Every design, color combination, and text is conceivable and incurs no extra cost. Further advantages and details about owayo printing:
  • Learn more about the actual printing process.
  • Incorporate precise and photo-realistic logos.
  • Choose a font from the list.
  • Available colors.
Our standards of quality are never comprimised. owayo running clothes have proven the test of time in numerous weather conditions and thousands of miles in action. Our quality products can also be found at the top professional levels throughout Europe.
Samples and Contact
Have a question? We will gladly explain our offer more thoroughly.
Current delivery time
Normal (3 weeks)
Express (at least 1 week)

Custom Running Singlets – Personalized Running Singlets

Click here to see a 3D-view

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