owayo team socks are available in 2 different lengths. Solid black or white socks can be ordered in any quantity.

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  • Low or Mid Cut
  • Tight Fit
  • Polyamide, Cotton, Wlastane, Lycra
  • Custom Socks with Logo Starting at 50 Pairs
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Delivery time: Normal (2-4 business days)

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BAS5 Pro Sport Socks

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Option 1:
Custom Logo Socks

You can custom order socks with your Team Name or logo - the minimum order is 50 pairs of a single size; 2 or more sizes with at least 30 pairs is also possible

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Option 2:
In Stock owayo Socks

Our In Stock owayo socks have no MOQ and feature an owayo logo

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Anatomic Fit
Anatomic fit ensuring a snug and comfortable feel and reduced movement

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Supported Impact Zones
The socks feature reinforced support in critical impact zones, maximizing comfort

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Length 1:

The Mid-Cut socks cover approx. 1/3 of your calf

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Length 2:

The low cut socks end around the ankle

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Available in 2 Colors
Our Basketball socks come in black and white.

Socks Side view Side view
ultra.dry Technology ultra.dry Technology

Persperation and moisture is wicked away from the body and evaporates away from the body keeping you cool and dry allowing you to maximize your performance.

Moisture transport
Moisture transport
OFIT Size System

OFIT Size System

Colors and Combinations

Choose any of the 15 different Sock colors below.

Please note that some of the colors below do not coincide with the colors of our jerseys. Upon request we can look into matching the colors of your kit with the colors you selected for the socks. Some kits will benefit from choosing a neutral color however, so keep this in mind when deciding on your kit.

  • Black 5

Color and Fabric Samples

Please be aware that the color saturation and appearance on your monitor/screen is not always true to what the color looks like when printed. The perception of color is dependent on the device settings and thus may appear different to the final results, which is why we offer and also recommend to send your color and fabric samples for FREE. This ensures that there are only pleasant surprises when the final products arrive.


Corporate Identity Colors

We can upload your CI colors into your 3D designer profile to ensure you can complete your design. Simply click on the button below to request your special colors.

Special Colors Pantone, HKS, RAL

Prices and Lead Times

The price of your individual sportswear depends on the quantity ordered.


Quantity Regular Production Time
Unit Price
Express Production Times
Unit Price
1 pair $8.50 Upon Request
20 pairs $8.00 Upon Request
50 pairs $7.75 Upon Request
100 pairs $7.50 Upon Request

United States Shipping

Shipping Options Freight Times
Business days
Per box
Economy up to 4.5lbs 3 - 5 $10.00
Economy more than 4.5lbs 3 - 5 $15.00
Priority 1 - 2 depending on weight

Canada Shipping

Shipping Options Freight Times
Business days
Per box
Economy up to 2 Kg 3 - 5 $15.00
Economy 3 - 5 $25.00
Priority 2 depending on weight

European Union Shipping

Shipping Options Freight Times
Business days
Per box
Economy up to 2 Kg 1 - 4 € 10,00
Economy 1 - 4 € 15,00
Priority 1 - 2 depending on weight

Global Shipping

Shipping Options Freight Times
Business days
Per box
Economy 3 - 7 depending on weight
Priority 1 - 4 depending on weight

Current delivery time

Regular Production (3 weeks) Express Production (at least 1 week)

Click below to find out more about our current lead time and our express production options

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Price Estimate

In order to receive a personalized price estimate with the exact products, features and quantity you’d like.

Price Estimate

Nachbestellung garantiert

Reorders Are Easy

We keep your designs on file indefinitely, so you can place reorders at any time. Reorders of small quantities are less expensive than initial orders.

All texts and logos included in base price
Our prices include free choice of design, color, texts and logos – with no hidden costs. This clear cut pricing allows you to easily calculate the cost, despite having multiple inscriptions.

No minimum order quantity
owayo also manufactures single orders, complete with your logos, designs and colors. Small orders do have high fixed costs, yet are still possible for just one item.

Express Production
Standard production is approximately 3 weeks. A faster turnaround may also be available for an additional surcharge. Please ask to find out about our current express production capacity.

Payment Methods
When placing an order, we only accept full payment in advance either via Credit Card, check or Paypal.

Club and School Rewards Program
The Club and School Rewards Program allows registered clubs discounts of up to 20% - without any obligations. Read more about the Club and School Rewards Program.

Finding the Right Size

We strongly recommend you order samples before ordering to find the size that best fits you. If you do not have enough time to do so, you can use our size chart to find your size.


SocksClub Sports - Socks

owayo size 1 2 3 4 5
Size of shoe (US) 4-6 6.5-8.5 9-9.5 10-11.5 12+
Size of shoe (Europe) 36-38 39-41 42-44 45-47 48+

Find your owayo size by comparing your measurements to our size chart. This chart also includes international standard letter sizes for reference.

Between two different sizes? If you like a looser fit, choose the larger size. Do you prefer your athletic wear to fit a bit tighter? Then pick the smaller size.