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Christoph Strasser Ultracycling

Christoph is always chasing new records and has won the Race Across America (RAAM) multiple times - This extreme athlete is one of a kind. We are proud to have been able to accompany Christoph throughout his career and look forward supply and developing the apparel for his future success. You can find more information about Christoph and his achievements on his website:
(only available in German). You can also catch up on interesting insights into Christoph in his Podcast „Sitzfleisch“ with his partner Flo Kraschitzer (only available in German).



1982 in Kraubath/Austria

Ultracycling - Endurance Cycling

Sporting achievements

Sporting achievements
Winner of Race Around Slovenia, Race Across Italy, Race Around Ireland, Glocknerman

1st place in the RAAM 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018 and 2019

1st place in the Race Around Austria 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018 (Challenge)

24 hour world record Indoor Track: 941km 2018

24 hour World Champion in individual time trial: 2016 and 2018

24 hour world record holder Road: 1026km 2021

Transcontinental Race: Winner 2022

Christoph, can you briefly tell us how you got into cycling:

Growing up, mountain biking and soccer were my hobbies but I was made aware of the Race Across America through the media and from then on I wanted to realize my boyhood dream - to participate in it one day. After a few years at university I managed more and more "small" successes by getting my first podium finishes and winning two 24-hour bike races. From then on I put all my eggs in one basket and pursued cycling professionally. There were no assurances, few sponsors and a lot of time to train. After my first participation in the RAAM in 2009, which I had to give up due to illness, it was quickly clear that I would partake again. After the following sensational victory, I decided to dedicate myself to the sport for a longer period of time. Since then, I have achieved countless successes and always set myself new and challenging goals.

What are your current goals?

In recent years, I have focused a lot on new tasks. In 2021, I fulfilled a long-cherished dream: I wanted to be the first person to break the magic 1000km mark in 24hr. During a practise race for this record attempt, I succeeded in what should only have been possible months later on a race track in Colorado: I managed to break the record at home at the Hinterstoisser airfield of the Austrian Army. In 24hr I rode 1026km (average power 275 watts, average speed 42,7km/h). In 2022 I entered new territory again: for the first time I took part in an "unsupported race", completely on my own, without my crew. Food, sleep breaks, luggage and possible bike repairs had to be organized by me without outside help. For the "Transcontinental Race" (start in Belgium, finish in Bulgaria), I had to plan the more than 4000km long route on my own. Only 4 checkpoints along the course were given by the race organizers. With not too high expectations I started this new adventure as a "Rookie" and ended up winning the race after initial difficulties with an exciting catch-up chase in 9 days and 14 hours.

What were the greatest achievements for you personally?

That was without a doubt my third victory at the Race Across America. Not because of the course record of 7d:15:56min, but because I gave it my all all the way to the finish line without direct competitive pressure.

Where do you like to cycle most?

Definitely not the US – far too much traffic and very hot. Back home in Styria (Steiermark), there are very beautiful areas. Although I also really enjoy my training camps in Spain.

What do you like to do when you're not on your bike?

Eating is my favorite! Then when I'm full, which often takes while, I like to read, relax and spend time with friends.

What does owayo mean to you?

I have been actively supported by outfitter owayo since 2008. Not only am I a brand ambassador, but I am also involved in the development and constant improvement of the cycling clothing as a test rider and to this day I ride all my races with owayo jerseys, bibs, vests and jackets.

What is/are your favorite product(s) from owayo and why?

My favorite product: The long-distance pad in the bib shorts. Because of it I was able to contest my ultramarathons without any discomfort - which does not mean, however, that after 5000 miles non-stop the butt is not a bit battered :-)

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