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The Bavaria Beach Bazis („Bazi“ is a term of endearment in the Bavarian dialect) from Munich are the first and only Bavarian team to play in the German Beach Soccer League and are amongst the Top 100 in world listings. Beach soccer is a spectacular variation of soccer played on sand. By adding in rhythmic background music and a beach atmosphere, games are turned into full-on events.The Bavaria Beach Bazis are an independent member of the DJK München Pasing e.V. and since their founding in 2014 they have been on an incredible journey, which has taken them from 3rd place in the 2021 German Chamionship to partaking in the Euro Winners Cup - the Champions League on sand! However, undoubtedly the highlight of the season is the Bazis home match weekend which is played in front of a home crowd at the Munich Beach Resort in Oberschleißheim, Munich. The Bazis have both a men's and women's team.




German Beach Soccer League

Sporting achievements

Sporting achievements
Participation in the Euro Winners Cup 2022
4th place German Championship 2022
3rd place German Championship 2021

Several Bavarian and South German Championships

How often do you train and what does your training look like?

We practice twice a week at the Munich Beach Resort (part of the Olympic rowing regatta) in Oberschleißheim. During a typical team practice session we work on our technique and tactics. Also we often do intensive individual training in the area of fitness.

Does your team have certain rituals?

Many of our players have been friends since childhood, so team sprit is our strongest ally. Before a game we usualyl have a hustle in which we motivate each other by shouting "Pack ma's BAZIS!" ("Come on, BAZIS!")

How do you motivate yourselves before a game?

As each individual player already invests a lot of personal time and energy for training and traveling to national league competitions, the motivation to achieve the goals we strive for is always huge.

How do you celebrate after a win?

Of course with our great fans - the Bazeria!

What does owayo mean to you?

owayo is a great partner to have on our side for at least seven years now! We are very happy that owayo has recognized and appreciates the potential of beach soccer and we are very grateful for the long and good partnership.

What do you appreciate about your jerseys?

Our jerseys not only fit us perfectly size-wise but also in terms of the design. We have already created many total "eye-catchers". The designs combine the beach soccer lifestyle with the tradition of our hometown Munich. Perfect!

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