Kevin Sciboz

Kevin Sciboz Ice Cross Downhill

Ice Cross Downhill is an exciting and fascinating sport, in which courageous athletes skate through an obstical course made of ice. The ice tracks are up to 600 meters long and have many curves and unexpected bends. The World Championship Competitions are played in the biggest cities in Europe and North America. The course is built for the event and then disempled afterwards. The Suisse resident Kevin Sciboz starting playing sports at a young age. After playing basetkball, soccer, swimming, skiing and running, he gave hockey his full attention. Ice Cross Downhill is the perfect mix between hockey and an adrenalin rush. After a successful debut at age 25 at the Rider’s Cup in Wagrain, he’s been playing ever since.




Ice Cross Downhill

Kevin, explain how you came to compete in Ice Cross Downhill?

I began playing hockey at 13. Extreme sports have always fascinated me. In 2009 and 2013, I watched the Ice Cross Downhill championship played in Lausanne and want to give it a try. After finishing Uni, I traveled to Austria to compete in the Rider’s Cup in Wagrain. After receiving a good time, I qualified for the World Championship. Now, I will compete in my second world cup.

What are your goals, in regards to sports and in general?

By the end of my first season, I was ranked 90th world wide. In my second season, I’d like to reach the top 50.

What are your biggest successes?

The bronze medal in my first competition of the 2017-2018 season in Austria.

What's your favorite region of the world to play your sport?

We don’t have our own track to play or practice on, which means we have to travel to different countries just to play. I prefer the US and Canada, since the sport is more popular there. More fans show up.

What do you do, when you aren’t skating?

I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend Anaïs Morand (also a Ice Cross Downhill athlete). Professionally, I am a project manager in an architect firm.

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