LG Passau

LG Passau Athletics Community of Passau, Germany

With the goal of becoming the strongest athletics club in Lower Bavaria, TV Passau merged with DJK Eintracht Passau and DJK Passau-West in 1970 to form the Athletic Community of Passau. Today, the club has a proud 2700 members and is considered a hotbed of talent. The club's championship successes include 84 Bavarian middle/long distance champions. Community should not only be part of the name of the Athletic Community of Passau, but it's also part and parcel of the training and competitions. Only through the sense of community has the Athletic Community of Passau become what it is today: a club that has top athletes, but at the same time is home to joggers and amateur athletes. It's the mixture that makes it what it is. In this interview, athletes Eva Schultz, Stephan Fruhmann and Jonas Storch from the Athletic Community of Passau answer our questions.



Eva Schultz
Born: 1995
Discipline: Middle and long distance

Sports achievements:
Bavarian Athletics Association - 2nd place 5000m
Lower Bavarian Championship- 1st place cross country

Bavarian Athletics Association - 1 place 5000m

Stephan Fruhmann
Born: 1979
Discipline: Long distance running

Sporting achievements:
Lower Bavarian half marathon champion 2022
German Athletics Association - 2nd place. 50 km road race (team ranking)

Bavarian Athletics Association - 1st place marathon (team ranking)
German Athletics Association - 3rd place marathon (team ranking)

Jonas Storch
Born: 2006
Discipline: Middle distance

Sporting successes:
4th place U18 Bavarian Championship 3000m

3rd place M15 Bavarian Championship 3000m

Eva, tell us briefly how you got into running:

My dad often took me running when I was younger. I always had a lot of fun exploring new places. When I graduated from high school, as a symbol of finish my schooling I really wanted to run a marathon. Just for me. I spontaneously decided to run the Dreiburgenland Marathon. I was completely unprepared and had no idea what was in store for me. During this run I made what was to become an important friendship. Hans, an experienced runner, accompanied me the entire run. His love for running was contagious and from then on I ran in several running events in my area. Erwin Fladerer, editor of the Bayerische Laufzeitung (Bavarian Running Magazine), made the connection to the Athletic Community of Passau after I won a 10km race. Since then I am an athlete of the Athletic Community of Passau.

Stephan, what are your goals? In sports and in life?

I started serious running training relatively late (at the age of 36). As my physical performance is still developing even at the age of 43, I would like to ucut my personal best times, preferably together with a "large contingent" of the Athletic Community of Passau at national championships.

Jonas, what were your greatest personal successes?

At 16, I'm still very young. To have qualified for the German Youth Championships and to be in the top 10, that was a very big first success!

Stephan, what is your favorite region to run?

Running up and down the flat Danube cycle paths in and around Passau together with my running buddies from the Athletic Community of Passau is the most fun for me.

Eva, what do you like to do when you're not running?

I like to travel and I love the sea. I also thoroughly enjoy snorkeling, hiking and cycling.

Jonas, what does owayo mean to you?

High quality sportswear that everyone can customize according to their indiviudal needs.

Stephan, what is your favorite owayo product(s) and why?

The RS5 Pro Running Singlet. When I put it on, I know it's going to be fast!