Texpa Simplon

Texpa Simplon Cycling

Since its foundation over 20 years ago, Team TEXPLA SIMPLON has developed from a small MTB team to an internationally successful MTB marathon team - true to the motto "Those who think they are something have stopped becoming something". The riders come from Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland. In addition to national championship titles, victories and podium finishes in international World Cup races and 5th place in the championship were added in recent years.





Sporting achievements

Sporting achievements
Two overall first place finishes, Alpentour Trophy 2017 + 2018

Stage wins in World Cup races

5th place at World Championship

How often do you train and what does your training look like?

We train every day, depending on the time of the season. At the beginning we do a lot of foundation units, during the season shorter but more intensive training sessions.

Does your team have certain rituals?

Everyone wishes each other good luck at the starting line with a "fist bump".

How do you motivate yourselves before a race?

The motivation is always with you! Most likely with music that still tickles the last few percent out of you.

How do you celebrate after a win?

When a top ranking or victory is achieved, we celebrate here with a glass of wine and/or visit a fast food restaurant on the way home :)

What does owayo mean to you?

owayo is not just a brand for us, we have worked closely together for many years, even becoming friends with the owayo employees. We can only achieve success together, so this is a very important factor.

What do you appreciate about your jerseys?

The individuality and super fit, but also the wide range of different items.