Martin Wisata

Martin Wisata Cycling

Mountain biking in the most remote and beautiful places on the planet. For Martin and his wife this means the world – privately and professionally. The native Austrians emigrated to Australia in 2003 and founded the Rocky Trail Entertainment company. The two passionate mountain bikers organise more than 40 races a year on the east coast of Australia from Cross Country to Endurance, to Enduro and Downhill. The vision behind Rocky Trail is to unite cycling enthusiasts from all over Australia and to have fun together off-road pushing new sports limits, keeping to the motto "Race the way you Ride!”



1977 in Austria


Sporting achievements

Sporting achievements
Ten time participant in the Crocodile Trophy Australia:

2019 Winner in my age group

2018 Top 10 overall finisher & 3rd place in respective age group

2016: Overall team 1st Place in Mongolia Bike Challenge

Martin does not define success by winning a place on the podium. He sees success as a strong group finish: Dominating the race and attacking again at the final sprint.

Martin, tell us briefly how you got into cycling:

When we moved to Australia in 2003, we explored Sydney and its surroundings by bike. We made friends who told us about a 24-hour MTB race. After the first race, we got a team together and just kept looking for more races. Since 2008, I’ve been organising MTB events together with my wife on the east coast of Australia and as a businessman cycling is the center of my life - both professionally and personally, we both love it!

What are your goals? In sports and in life?

I’m now 40 and in the best physical condition of my life. I want to keep it that way, and I think endurance sport is the best way to do it. My goal in life is to have fun - that probably sounds easy enough, but if you have fun in your job, with your family and in your free time then everything is a piece of cake.

What were your greatest personal successes?

Winning my age group at the 2019 Crocodile Trophy was clearly my greatest sporting success. Everything just fell into place that year and I didn't have a single bad day on the bike. Consistency and a bit of luck helped me to win.

Where is your favorite place to go cycling?

I really like any region where I can go biking, but Mongolia is really incredibly beautiful.
To promote more sports regions we have started a second company, Rocky Trail Destination, which plans and implements the development of MTB destinations. Hopefully in a few years I will be able to say that we have built my favorite region ourselves.

What do you like to do when you're not on your bike?

Work a lot, rest now and then, eat well and play Lego with my son.

What does owayo mean to you?

A great brand and a great partner. There are many producers of clothing, but not many who take such good care of their customers.

What is your favorite owayo product(s) and why?

I like the extensive product range because I can customize my outfit depending on the weather. I don’t have a favorite product - I like them all - they all do as they say on the tin!