Anja Sturm

Anja Sturm Triathlon, Road Bike

Taking their bodies to the limit – this is the very essence of a triathlete. That's why we've enlisted Anja to help test our clothes when training and during events. She tests our women's garments for cycling, on foot and wears them proudly for triathlon event podiums on a regular basis. Many thanks for your help Anja!



1988 in Regensburg

Triathlon and Cycling

Sporting achievements

Sporting achievements
Bodensee Megathlon Radolfzell: 1st place in 2015, 3rd place in 2017

2nd place in the Gigathlon Czech Republic 2017

1st place in the Triathlon Regensburg Sprint 2015

Anja, can you briefly tell us how you got into cycling:

When my dad bought himself a new road bike, he let me try his old one, and that was it, I caught the bug...

What are your goals? In sport and in life?

I'm excited to rise up to the challenge and take my body to its limit, while having fun doing it.

What are your most meaningful victories to date?

This year I competed in my first gigathlon. A gigathlon is a race featuring 5 different disciplines spread across 2 days. Just finishing the race is enough of an accomplishment. I however managed to finish in second place, so I now get to participate in the Gigathlon in Switzerland. I'm very excited what 2018 will bring!

What's your favorite region or route to cycle?

That's easy, Majorca, no doubt about it.

What do you like to do when you're not training?

Travelling around the world, surfing, snowboarding…

What does owayo mean to you?

Owayo is the only company to actually cater to my specific requests. The company is also based in my home town. You can't beat being in direct contact with employees.

What is/are your favorite product(s) from owayo and why?

Definitely the cycling jerseys, perfectly designed to fit women while offering everything a demanding cyclist could need. The running tops are also great, very lightweight and comfortable to wear!