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Bavarian Beach Bazis Beach Soccer

The Bavaria Beach Bazis („Bazi“ is a term of endearment in Bavarian dialect) from Munich are the first and only Bavarian team playing in the German Beach Soccer League. Beach soccer is a spectacular variation on the game of soccer played on sand. By adding in rhythmic background music and a beach atmosphere, games are turned into full-on events. The Bavaria Beach Bazis were founded in 2014 and are an independent member of the DJK München Pasing e.V.. They had a great first season, winning the Bavarian Soccer Association championship and making it to the playoffs in the German Beach Soccer League. Undoubtedly the highlight of the season is the home game weekend on june 25th and 26th in the Munich Beach Resort in Oberschleißheim.




German Beach Soccer League (GBSL)

Sporting achievements

Sporting achievements
Bavarian Champion 2015

Finished 5th in German Beach Soccer Championship 2017


How often do you practice?

We practice about once or twice a week at the Munich Beach Resort (part of the Olympic rowing regatta) in Oberschleißheim. Our player coach is Ricky Goller and our goalkeeper coach is Marc Lamberger. During a typical practice session we work on our technique, various plays and our conditioning. There’s always a practice game at the end of each session.

Does your team have any rituals?

Many of our players have been friends since childhood, so team sprit is our strongest ally. We don’t really have any special rituals except for our warm-up routine and of course the communal victory drink after a game.

How do you get motivated before a game?

Before a game we huddle up and shout “Pack ma’s, Bazis!” (“Let’s go, Bazis!”).

How do you celebrate a victory?

We like to party it up. Preferably at our club house but we’re not picky.

What does owayo mean to you?

We have a very strong partner in owayo. We are very happy that owayo is able to recognize the potential in beach soccer and we hope that our partnership will continue to prosper.

What do you like about your jerseys the most?

Our jerseys not only fit us perfectly size-wise but also in terms of the design. They combine the lifestyle of beach soccer with the tradition of our hometown Munich. Perfect!