Ice hockey equipment. How to put it on, washing & Co.

FAQ on equipment, costs and maintenance

If you want to play hockey, being able to skate and shoot well are a good start. You'll also need the right equipment so you don't get hurt. In this article, we'll answer all your questions: what hockey equipment you'll need, how much it costs and how to wear it properly.

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Most Common Hockey Penalties

From the penalty box to the penalty shot

When is a penalty in hockey given? And what punishment does a cross check actually entail? Not only do we explain what hockey penalties there are and what the most common hockey fouls are, but we also tell you about penalty records!

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Hockey Positions: 101

What do centers, wingers, defensemen and goalies do?

What are the positions in hockey? And above all: what are their respective tasks? We take a close look at goalie, wingers, centers and defensemen.

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Animal Team Names in Hockey

From the NHL all the way to Europe

Whether it's the Pittsburgh Penguins of the famous National Hockey League or the Cologne Sharks of the German Hockey League - hockey teams all over the world are often named after animals. We have examined why this is and where the names actually come from. All the answers and even more facts about this exciting topic can be found here.

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Rules of Hockey

A look at the most important rules

You're going to a game but have no clue about the rules. Then you're in the right place! We will go through to most important rules of the game while keeping it interesting.

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