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Worlds Best Keepers at a glance

What makes Courtois, Neuer, Casillas & Co. so special

Who are the world's best keepers and what makes them so special? We get to the bottom of this question and take a closer look at the world's best keepers of years past.

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Goalkeeper training in soccer: how goalkeepers prepare for games

Interview with goalkeeper coach Jens Abrams

The goalkeeper plays a key role in soccer. Goalkeeper coach Jens Abrams will show you how to optimally prepare goalkeepers for their role in the game during training. Also, discover lots of practice examples for your goalkeeper training!

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How to plan and carry out soccer training correctly

Trainer Daniel Drißler gives tips for optimal training sessions

Do you want to train a soccer hobby team or take on a coaching position at your club? Then it is important that you deal with the matter correctly. We will answer basic questions about soccer training and the equipment you need for training. Coach Daniel Drißler will also share his most important soccer training tips, from planning to implementation.

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Shirt off? No way!

Why taking your shirt off in soccer is forbidden - background information and fun facts

Whoever takes their shirt off in soccer gets a yellow card. So why do so many players do it? Why does this rule exist in the first place? Well, we found an answer for you by taking a close look at the FIFA rule.

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Soccer: cards and sanctions

Red cards, yellow cards, penalty kicks: a summary of the main soccer rules

The sanction takes place immediately: this definitely applies to soccer, especially if the referee has not slept well. In what cases does the referee give a yellow card? How long has the red card existed for? And what is the difference between a penalty and a free kick? We'll get to the bottom of all these questions and many more here.

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It began with one ball:

The history of soccer

Whether as a player or spectator, soccer gets us off our feet. The beginning of the fascination starts thousands of years ago. Learn about the history of soccer with our interactive timeline and learn more about your favorite sport!

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