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Ice hockey equipment. How to put it on, washing & Co.

FAQ on equipment, costs and maintenance

If you want to play hockey, being able to skate and shoot well are a good start. You'll also need the right equipment so you don't get hurt. In this article, we'll answer all your questions: what hockey equipment you'll need, how much it costs and how to wear it properly.

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Women in the Gaming Industry

Nine Questions for Scientist and Gamer Natalie Denk

While half of all gamers are female, only few women are part of the professional esports scene. We have asked Natalie Denk, co-founder of the "League of Girls", why women are so underrepresented and what needs to change so that women can play a larger part of the industry.

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Worlds Best Keepers at a glance

What makes Courtois, Neuer, Casillas & Co. so special

Who are the world's best keepers and what makes them so special? We get to the bottom of this question and take a closer look at the world's best keepers of years past.

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Riding Bike with Man's Best Friend

How to train your dog to accompany you on rides

It's simple, fun and keeps you fit - riding bike is something we can all do. So why not with your faithful companion? We will explain to you which dogs are suitable for cycling, how fast and far you can travel with your four-legged friend and how you can get your pet used to cycling.

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DOTA 2, Counter Strike, LoL & Co.

These are the 7 Most Popular eSports Games

There are countless eSports games that inspire people all over the world. But which are the most popular eSports games worldwide? We'll not only introduce you to the seven games that rule the international eSports community, but also reveal exciting facts about them.

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Most Common Hockey Penalties

From the penalty box to the penalty shot

When is a penalty in hockey given? And what punishment does a cross check actually entail? Not only do we explain what hockey penalties there are and what the most common hockey fouls are, but we also tell you about penalty records!

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How to Plan & Design an Effective Basketball Workout

Sports psychologist Dr. Sebastian Altfeld gives tips on the optimal training session

Basketball is your passion? Are you planning on coaching a team? Well you need to be well prepared. Here you will learn everything about the basics of basketball training and how to put together an optimal training session. In this interview, sports psychologist, coach and trainer coach Dr. Sebastian Altfeld will reveal his best tips from planning to execution.

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Hockey Positions: 101

What do centers, wingers, defensemen and goalies do?

What are the positions in hockey? And above all: what are their respective tasks? We take a close look at goalie, wingers, centers and defensemen.

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eSports Training: Fitness and Nutrition

Give your professional gaming career a boost

Overweight, unfit and unkempt - the clichés about gamers persist. But are they true? We at owayo take a closer look at this stereotype and find out just how important nutrition and fitness really are in eSports training.

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Overtraining: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

The sport scientists Prof. Lars Donath and Dr. Oliver Faude tell you all you need to know.

Exhausted, tired, or just beat up: this is how athletes who are affected by overtraining feel. We asked Prof. Lars Donath from the German Sports University Cologne (DSHS) and Dr. Oliver Faude from the University of Basel what is meant by overtraining, how you can recognize it and how you can avoid overtraining altogether.

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Basketball Rules: A Quick Overview

Everything you need to know to become a basketball pro

If you are new to the game of basketball, terms like goaltending, backcourt violation or shot clock might be the cause of some confusion. Don't worry, though, we have put together a crash course in the rules of basketball so you no longer have to feel left out of those conversations around the water cooler.

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