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Has coronavirus changed patterns of cycling usage within UK residents?

One of the hottest topics in the past couple of years has of course been the coronavirus pandemic. Nowadays, more so than ever, discussions are often held as to what effect this unfortunate “Corona period” might have had upon people’s lives. This particular study, initiated by an international sporting company, focused on determining whether coronavirus and all of the restrictions which accompanied it, have in some way interfered with UK residents’ use of cycling, be it for leisure, transportation or other purposes.

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An Owayo survey shows that US residents’ relationship with cycling seems to be mainly recreational

A recent survey conducted by an international sporting store, seems to indicate that cycling in US is more commonly used for recreational purposes than any other in the daily lives of the US residents. The purpose of this study was to determine their relationship or more so their interest in cycling overall. It was also aimed to shed light on the possible lack of use of more environmental friendly and health benefiting means of transport such as cycling.

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Finding a Bike that Fits You

An interview with the independent cycling expert Robert Kühnen

The correct seating position will not only make riding a bike more comfortable, but can also increase your performance and prevent physical problems. In this interview, bike dealer Klaus Jockers reveals what you should pay attention to when fitting your bike and which is the right frame size for you.

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The 5 Types of mountain bikes

Find out which mountain bike best suits you

Riding leisurly through the mountains or riding a daring trail - there's a bike for every discipline. In this article, we'll explain the differences between mountain bikes, what Hardtail or Fully means and help you find which mountain bike best suits you.

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Bike cleaning & washing: A How-to Guide

Cleaning your bike, oiling the chain etc.

Too much dirt will shorten the life of your bike. With regular maintenance, however, can prevent avoidable wear and tear. In this article, we'll explain to you how to clean city, mountain and road bike properly, how to oil the bicycle chain properly and whether expensive special cleaning agents are worth the hassle.

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Road bike training for beginners

Training plan and important tips to get started with your training

Cycling is perfect for endurance training and muscle building, while being easy on the joints. In this article, we'll go through an effective training plan and offer important tips for beginners. With tips for cycling beginners and our training plan under your belt, you'll have all you need for successful start.

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Riding Bike with Man's Best Friend

How to train your dog to accompany you on rides

It's simple, fun and keeps you fit - riding bike is something we can all do. So why not with your faithful companion? We will explain to you which dogs are suitable for cycling, how fast and far you can travel with your four-legged friend and how you can get your pet used to cycling.

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The Optimal Pedalling Frequency

An interview with professional cyclist Louis Passfield

Chris Froome and Nairo Quintana are both outstanding professional cyclists - but they differ significantly in one point: their pedalling frequency. The British professional cyclist and training expert Prof. Dr. Louis Passfield explains in an interview how important this indicator is, whether there is an optimal value and how you can specifically train your pedalling frequency.

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Cycling in Winter

Tips for Safe Road and Mountainbike Cycling in Winter and Spring

Although winter’s bite dulls by the beginning of March, cyclists should still expect snow and frost in spring. We’ll show you how to enjoy your favorite sport even when the thermostat dips down. We have gathered together the most important tips and information for you, so that you can stay healthy, safe and have fun cycling in winter.

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