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Basketball Positions: Responsibilities, Skills and Drills

Everything you need to know about point guards, power forwards and much more.

What skills does a shooting guard need and what are their responsibilities on the court? We introduce you to the five standard basketball positions and reveal how you can train your skills to become a better player.

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Shooting Techniques in Basketball: The Lay Up

Lay Up techniques and exercises simply explained

The lay up is the most fundamental and accurate shooting technique in the game. It's the bread and butter of any shooting arsenal. The first step is learning the right foot placement and jumping technique. We'll give you a step by step explaination how the lay up works and how to train your jump.

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The Basketball Dunk

Practice Regimen for the Perfect Slam Dunk

A well executed dunk is the most spectacular way to score in basketball. Not for nothing as not every player is physically able to dunk. In the following article we will tell you what makes a good dunk and how you can learn how to dunk.

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Riding Bike with Man's Best Friend

How to train your dog to accompany you on rides

It's simple, fun and keeps you fit - riding bike is something we can all do. So why not with your faithful companion? We will explain to you which dogs are suitable for cycling, how fast and far you can travel with your four-legged friend and how you can get your pet used to cycling.

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Most Common Hockey Penalties

From the penalty box to the penalty shot

When is a penalty in hockey given? And what punishment does a cross check actually entail? Not only do we explain what hockey penalties there are and what the most common hockey fouls are, but we also tell you about penalty records!

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Why American hockey rinks are smaller than European rinks

Facts about the hockey rink

Four yards - that is the difference between US and EU rink sizes. But what does a smaller rink mean for the American game? What does a hockey rink look like? We have the answers for you.

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Shirt off? No way!

Why taking your shirt off in soccer is forbidden - background information and fun facts

Whoever takes their shirt off in soccer gets a yellow card. So why do so many players do it? Why does this rule exist in the first place? Well, we found an answer for you by taking a close look at the FIFA rule.

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Shooting in Hockey: From the Slap Shot to the Snap Shot

Ice hockey professional Matthias Plachta from the Adler Mannheim helps you train your shot

Slap shots send the puck cruising at speeds over 100 mph. The puck is also able to fly over the ice at a high speed. The slap shot is pivotal in a game. In this article, we talked to the hockey professional Matthias Plachta. He explains not only which shooting techniques there are, but also which exercises help improve your technique.

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Soccer: cards and sanctions

Red cards, yellow cards, penalty kicks: a summary of the main soccer rules

The sanction takes place immediately: this definitely applies to soccer, especially if the referee has not slept well. In what cases does the referee give a yellow card? How long has the red card existed for? And what is the difference between a penalty and a free kick? We'll get to the bottom of all these questions and many more here.

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Basketball Rules: A Quick Overview

Everything you need to know to become a basketball pro

If you are new to the game of basketball, terms like goaltending, backcourt violation or shot clock might be the cause of some confusion. Don't worry, though, we have put together a crash course in the rules of basketball so you no longer have to feel left out of those conversations around the water cooler.

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Rules of Hockey

The most important rules for dummies

You're going to a game but have no clue about the rules. Then you're in the right place! We will go through to most important rules of the game while keeping it interesting.

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