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Basketball Statistics: Explanation and Meaning

What's behind Boxscore, PER and more.

Statistics are everywhere in basketball. They help to analyze games and players, put teams together and develop strategies. But what do the numbers and designations from the boxscore mean? What is the PER? And what is Advanced Stats all about? Find out why statistics are so valuable in basketball, what they mean and where their limits lie.

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Basketball Terminology 101

Basketball Terminology Demystified

From the alley-oop to zone defense, a successful dunk to the failed brick - in this article, you'll learn what all these basketball terms mean. Whether it's passes, throws, fouls, tactics or rules: basketball is growing in popularity and here to stay. Find out where basketball terminology come from and become a better baller off the court too.

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What is a rebound in basketball?

The Basketball rebound: definition, technique and exercises

The missed shot is as much a part of basketball as the layup or even the legendary slam dunk. But what happens next? The rebound follows. In this article, we'll explain the difference between offensive and defensive rebounding, how to properly secure a rebound and how you can train rebounding both as a team and by yourself.

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Basketball Positions: Responsibilities, Skills and Drills

Everything you need to know about point guards, power forwards and much more.

What skills does a shooting guard need and what are their responsibilities on the court? We introduce you to the five standard basketball positions and reveal how you can train your skills to become a better player.

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Shooting Techniques in Basketball: The Lay Up

Lay Up techniques and exercises simply explained

The lay up is the most fundamental and accurate shooting technique in the game. It's the bread and butter of any shooting arsenal. The first step is learning the right foot placement and jumping technique. We'll give you a step by step explaination how the lay up works and how to train your jump.

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Eight Basketball Dribbling Exercises

How to Dribble: For Beginners & Experienced Players

Dribbling is the most important skill in basketball and the first thing a beginner learns. Professional basketball players also regularly integrate dribbling exercises into their training to optimize their coordination and endurance. In this article we will show you four exercises for beginners and advanced players to practice your dribbling skills.

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The Basketball Dunk

Practice Regimen for the Perfect Slam Dunk

A well executed dunk is the most spectacular way to score in basketball. Not for nothing as not every player is physically able to dunk. In the following article we will tell you what makes a good dunk and how you can learn how to dunk.

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How to Plan & Design an Effective Basketball Workout

Sports psychologist Dr. Sebastian Altfeld gives tips on the optimal training session

Basketball is your passion? Are you planning on coaching a team? Well you need to be well prepared. Here you will learn everything about the basics of basketball training and how to put together an optimal training session. In this interview, sports psychologist, coach and trainer coach Dr. Sebastian Altfeld will reveal his best tips from planning to execution.

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Basketball Shooting Technique: The Jump Shot

Execution, Tips & Drills

The jump shot is the most important shot in basketball. This shot is hard to defend against and allows you to score from a long distance. For the jump shot to be successful, the complicated throwing motion needs to become second nature. Here you will learn what is important, how to execute the jump shot and what drills will help you further learn this technique.

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The Xs and Os: Basketball Tactics and Strategy

How to properly plan your attack & defense

Fast break! Or do you prefer to rely on the defense? In basketball, the tactics of the game often decide between defeat and victory. Here you will learn everything about the basics of strategy, the typical tactics in basketball and which exercises you can use to practice the different moves.

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Basketball Rules: A Quick Overview

Everything you need to know to become a basketball pro

If you are new to the game of basketball, terms like goaltending, backcourt violation or shot clock might be the cause of some confusion. Don't worry, though, we have put together a crash course in the rules of basketball so you no longer have to feel left out of those conversations around the water cooler.

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