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Tips for Setting up a Yoga Corner at Home

How to design your feel-good space for yoga, meditation and more.

Yoga within your own four walls - it's possible! We explain how to set up a cozy yoga corner at home, even when space is limited. Our tips will help you create a harmonious space for yoga, meditation and relaxation. You'll also find out which decorations, colors and the like you should focus on when setting up a yoga room or yoga corner.

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Cooling down after workout: A How-To

How to successfully warm down after a training session

Warming up before a workout has long been standard practice. But afterwards? Just shower and get back to everyday life? That shouldn't be all. The post-workout cool down is just as important as the pre-workout warm up. Read all about the benefits of a cool down here and learn a few exercises to help you wind down and relax your body after exertion.

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Slow Jogging

Everything you need to know about the new slow running trend from Japan

Jogging in slow motion? It may seem a little unusual at first, but slow jogging promises a high training effect coupled with numerous health benefits. Perhaps this new running style is something for you too? Find out and enter the world of slow running with our tips and tricks.

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Core Muscle Training: 7 great exercises to do at home

Effective exercises for a strong core

It doesn't have to be a six-pack. Because even without a visual effect, well-trained abdominal muscles have many positive effects. But what exactly? What does effective abdominal muscle training look like and what effort is required? We show you the seven best abdominal exercises and everything you need to know about training for a strong core.

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All About Aerobic Training

What exactly is aerobic training?

Aerobic training describes endurance sports that are performed at low levels of exertion. The body obtains the energy it needs mainly with the help of oxygen and boosts fat burning. We explain how aerobic training works and which sports are suitable for a workout in the aerobic zone.

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Anaerobic Training

5 workout ideas and training tips to get you started

Anaerobic training stands for short workouts at a high intensity. From HIIT to strength training to running sprints - there are plenty of anaerobic exercises out there. In this article, we'll show you how to train anaerobically effectively alongwith what you need to keep in mind. We'll provide you with five specific examples and training tips so that you can get started with your anaerobic training today.

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Eating before or after exercise - what is best when?

Tips for the right diet before or after exercise, depending on your training goal

A balanced diet is an important basis for physical fitness. Whether to eat before or after exercise depends on your personal goals. Even experts disagree on this question. You can find information on the right nutrient intake for your training goal here.

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Fitness Motivation: Finding the Drive

10 tips to get you motivated

Have the motivation but the couch is too comfy? Well, you're not alone. Find out which motivator you are and what stands in your way. In this article, we'll give you 10 tips you can use to get your drive up.

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Interval Training: from HIIT to Tabata

The best exercises for beginners and advanced users

HIIT or Tabata - what is it and how does interval training work? We answer the most important questions about the fitness trend and introduce you to exercises for beginners and advanced users.

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