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Women in the Gaming Industry

Nine Questions for Scientist and Gamer Natalie Denk

While half of all gamers are female, only few women are part of the professional esports scene. We have asked Natalie Denk, co-founder of the "League of Girls", why women are so underrepresented and what needs to change so that women can play a larger part of the industry.

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DOTA 2, Counter Strike, LoL & Co.

These are the 7 Most Popular esports Games

There are countless esports games that inspire people all over the world. But which are the most popular eSports games worldwide? We'll not only introduce you to the seven games that rule the international eSports community, but also reveal exciting facts about them.

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esports Tournaments - Do They Really Fill Stadiums?

The 5 most famous esports tournaments worldwide

Professional gaming is not yet an official sport, but the hype is still real. esports tournaments are on the rise and captivate thousands of spectators live or on screen. But what are the biggest esports tournaments? And where do they take place? We have taken a closer look at five of the world's biggest esports events. Immerse yourself with us in the world of electronic sports.

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esports Training: Fitness and Nutrition

Give your professional gaming career a boost

Overweight, unfit and unkempt - the clichés about gamers persist. But are they true? We at owayo take a closer look at this stereotype and find out just how important nutrition and fitness really are in esports training.

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Esports - Earn Money by Gaming

Expert Interview with journalist and presenter Konni Winkler

Computer and video games have become an established part of society. Esports have developed from a niche sport to a professional and international sport with prize money in the millions. In our expert interview with journalist and presenter Konni Winkler, we have everything you need to know about esports.

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